Team Building is certainly the most operative way to strength solidarity and cohesion between the members of your team, an essential choice for developing your human capital.

It's a new managerial trend that aims to develop individual skills alongside collective efforts, with a view to promote original values of the teamwork.

Why organize a Team Building for your colleagues?

To bring you closer to the real concept of this business strategy and in order to encourage you investing in your human resources, here is a summary of the most important benefits that will inspire you to opt-in for a biannual or annual Team Building:

- Strength the sense of belonging to your company, encourage productivity, responsibility and individual commitment of your team members.
- Support the concept of solidarity, develop a collective spirit of teamwork and contribute to build a productive workforce that can progress in all conditions
- Enhance individual values of challenge in your workspace, build a team that can contribute to the company's ongoing development and that can face any new critical situation.
- Maintain good internal communication between your team members to ensure the correct transmission of important information throughout all production process.
- Ensure the physical, mental and social well-being of your team members, improve productivity, reduce absenteeism and meet market requirements by creating a health-friendly workspace.

Why choose The Berber Domaine?

Among many spaces and parks dedicated to organizing Team Building around Marrakech, the Berber Domaine is undoubtedly the most recommended address to organize a successful team building.

Located just 56 km from Marrakech, this hotel-bivouac-style is perfectly appropriate to group team-building and incentive trips.

The domain contains several areas especially designed for team-building activities, such as a large swimming pool for kayak races or water polo, cabin shooting area, soccer arena, green area for small-group competitions, games indoor space... In addition to several restaurant areas and well-equipped conference rooms for business meetings.

Among a wide choice of team-building activities available on site, here are the most recommended experiences for companies and corporates:

** Mobile Bridge: You have to build logs permanently in the air to enable one of your colleagues to walk over them and reach the competition goal.
** The Caterpillar: A teamwork challenge requiring everyone to walk in the same time, at the same rhythm and to the same direction, in order to achieve the company's objectives more quickly.
** Berber Tent: Follow the instructions and models presented by the coaches to build a tent ahead of the competing team and by respecting the required standards.
** Rifle shooting: A concentration challenge that will get you thinking about adopting a relevant technique to target your future Targets more precisely.

If you choose to plan some team building activities soon for your team members, here are our recommendations for the best experiences in Marrakech:
Adventures in the Berber Domain

A real adventure full of emotions in a Berber domain located 56 km from Marrakech, where you can choose 3 to 4 team building challenges..

Price from: 69,00 € per person
Team Building in Amanar Domain

An extraordinary adventure park located just a few minutes from Marrakech, with an accro parc, an aerial course and orienteering races.

Price from: 99,00 € per person
Paragliding at Plateau du Kik

Take to the skies of the charming Kik Plateau for a paragliding adventure flight over Aguergour, an experience full of strong emotions.

Price from: 95,00 € per person
Biking Tour in Atlas Mountains

Join this unique biking tour from Marrakech to the amazing Atlas Mountains and offer yourself an unforgettable experience full of challenge and emotions.

Price from: 90,00 € per person